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Ortec Environnement Nantes (services for the industry)

The Ortec Environnement Nantes branch (services for the industry) is specialised in services for the industry and the environment: industrial cleaning, unit shutdown, waste management.

62 quai Émile Cormerais
44800 Saint-Herblain

T: 02 40 58 22 02
F: 02 40 58 00 81


We work hard to fit the best your industrial and environmental maintenance demand.

  • Services for the industry:
    • High Pressure (HP) and Very high Pressure (VHP) cleaning: 150 up to 1,200 bars
    • Pumping and cleaning works
    • Cryogenic cleaning: stripping surfaces via projection of carbon dioxide pellets – this technique is recommended for air cooler, electrical cabinet, graffiti cleaning and food processing industry
    • Powder product suction cleaning: ash, dust, sugar, gravel
    • Tank cleaning: muds volume reduction; evacuation of bitumen, process residues, crude or refined oil
    • Units shutdowns: cleaning of oil containers, pipes and devices, mechanised extraction of ashes, gypsum, unburned components, sulphur and carbon deposit
  • Waste management:
    • All kinds of waste collection and transport: hazardous waste (dusty, paste-like, solid and liquid); non-hazardous waste (solid, all kinds of conditioning)
    • Waste management: ‘clean factory’ contracts (waste management + industrial cleaning); delegated waste management (performance monitoring, continuous improvement)
    • Waste collection centre: treatment or removal in approved waste management units; traceability of waste treatment (BSD*)
  • Sectors of activity:
    • Automotive industry
    • Aeronautics
    • Mechanics
    • Food process
    • Metallurgy
    • QUALITASS / FNSA: draining and cleaning, industrial waste collection, cleaning operations in the petroleum industry and other industrial sectors, closed circuit TV inspection of sewage systems, industrial waste transfer centre, property maintenance
    • Declaration receipt, prefecture, dept. 13: trade, brokerage and road transport of hazardous and non-hazardous waste
    • MASE: sanitation - High and Very High Pressure industrial cleaning - industrial pumping - waste management - ADR transportation

    *BSD: waste tracking form

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